A downloadable game

Kaktus & Friend by Nomina for Ludum Dare 34

A mix of platformer and endless runner.

The story of two unlikely friends traversing the desert.


Up Arrow Key - Jump (press it again for a double jump, if you keep holding it after pressing it a second time you will float/hover).

Right Arrow Key - Walk forward (on the "Walking"-level)/Dash forward (on autorun levels).


It is somewhat unfinished so there is no way to quit levels once started. There are also some other kinks that need fixing.

Made within two days.


Alexander Pereswetoff-Morath - Design

Elias Markström - Writing (backstory) & Design

Laura "Sarienn" Bularca - Graphics (1st time Photoshop user!)

Alex Vulkanmannen - Programming (also wrote and voice acted the dialogue)

Jenny Söderberg - Programming

Christoffer Nilsson - Music and Sound Effects

Viktor Envall - Music and Sound Effects

Install instructions

Just unzip and play, uses two buttons in gameplay (up and right arrow keys).

Might be wonky in some resolutions, made for 1920x1080p.


kaktus_and_friend.zip 35 MB